XF 1.5 Forum center issue

Just installed the latest version. I set the max_width to 1100. But how do i center the forum? I used Google and found several threads but oddly none of them answered my question. Please don't say set the max_width to whatever and the other options to blank, as i read in other threads. Because that moves the forum to the left.

Thank you!

Mr Lucky

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This is what I use in style properties > general > page width controller additional CSS

margin: 0 auto;
max-width: 1200px;
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Thanks but as already mentioned above that moves the forum to the left.

Edit: I got it centered but the max width does not what i want it to do. I don't want the forum to stretch all the way to the edges. I want it centered with a max width. Any idea?

Mr Lucky

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Thanks but as already mentioned above that moves the forum to the left.
Well, you didn't already mention that, you said you left it blank.

The settings I mention will make a maximum width and centre the forum, I just tested it on a default style and it works perfectly. Maybe you have something in EXTRA.CSS that is overiding it

You mention max_width, that is incorrect - see what I have suggested, it is max-width (hyphen not underscore)

Also with the default setting remove the underscore from _margin

This does work!

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.38.53.png
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Thanks for your reply. I still couldn't fix the issue, what you mentioned simply did nothing. But it doesn't matter anymore as i bought a theme that changed it automatically to what i wanted.