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XF 1.2 Forum appearance on resizing

Neil E.

Active member
That doesn't sound quite right. What I'm seeing is actually like a "zoom out" of the logo. I don't see how specifying a max-width or % will trigger this effect. The logo is the only item that shrinks. (1.2 test forum located in a subdomain, no login required to see this, but requires resizing the page way smaller). http://www.xenforotest.odsc.on.ca/index.php

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
What doesn't sound right about it?

If you have an image that's set to be a max-width: 100% of the container its in, and that container shrinks smaller, what do you think happens?

That IS, in fact, what is happening on that site. The logo image is max-width: 100%;

Neil E.

Active member
I understand what you mean about the shrinking container. I never knew this behaviour existed. Did the logo css change from 1.12 to 1.2? I couldn't determine where Brogan pulled the CSS from. I want to see if it changed since this behaviour wasn't present before.