Formula 1 2011 Thread!


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Well things finally underway. And the first race we have already lost 2 cars for not meeting the 107% rule.

Red bull and Mclaren strong as usual, but some of the most experienced drivers struggling with some "basic" mistakes.

For the race tomrow I think top 4 will be Bed Bull and Mclaren, and given what we have seen of Ferrari so far they will be mid fielders.


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Looks like it will be a game of catch the Red Bull again this season.

Almost a second faster than the next team, without using KERS.


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Vettel is realy coming into his own as a driver, I said it last year, he will be the new schumacher, and his driving today realy shows his potential.

For the Grand Prix tomrow:
Pole: Vettel - Red Bull
2nd: Hamilton - Mclaren
3rd: Webber - Red Bull
4th: Button - Mclaren


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Vettel is only good in clear air.

He still hasn't shown he can race or overtake.

he has a nasty/dangerous tendency to turn right into people too.
I think given the rule changes in the recent years overtaking is more a matter of "hoping the guy infront messes up" oppsed to anything else. Some driver skill yes, but nowhere like it used to be 5-6 years back.


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A good first race, not the most interesting but some nice building blocks.

The battle between button and massa was good to watch, wheel to wheel action for a while.

Unfortunaely the saubers were disqualified.

So as of the moment

Driver Standings
Possition - Name - Points
1st - Sebastian Vettel - 25
2nd - Lewis Hamilton - 18
3rd - Vitaly Petrov - 15
4th - Fernando Alonso - 12
5th - Mark Webber - 10
6th - Jenson Button - 8
7th - Felipe Massa - 6
8th - Sebastien Buemi - 4
9th - Adrian Sutil - 2
10th - Paul di Resta - 1
11th - Jaime Alguersuari - 0
12th - Nick Heidfeld - 0
13th - Jarno Trulli - 0
14th - Jerome d'Ambrosio - 0
15th - Timo Glock - 0
16th - Sergio Perez - 0
17th - Kamui Kobayashi - 0
18th - Rubens Barrichello - 0
19th - Nico Rosberg - 0
20th - Heikki Kovalainen - 0
21st - Michael Schumacher - 0
22nd - Pastor Maldonado - 0

Constructor Standings
Possition - Team - Points
1st - Red Bull -35
2nd - McLaren - 26
3rd - Ferrari - 18
4th - Renault - 15
5th - Torro Rosso - 4
6th - Force India - 3
7th - Lotus - 0
8th - Virgin - 0
9th - Sauber - 0
10th - Williams - 0
11th - Mercedes - 0


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Well that was an interesting race. Nick Heidfeld had a brilliant race, and given Webbers reported problems he realy drove the wheels off that car to get 4th.

Petrov driving a plane opposed to a car was good to watch.

I hope the remainder of the season follows on as interestingly as this race :)


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I can't fathom why Vettel wasn't penalised for changing direction while defending, when Hamilton was.

Inconsistent stewarding is a blight on Formula One.


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It was interesting to see Vettel winning without KERS for the majority of the race. I'm a Mclaren fan but that guy is an amazing driver and it's a delight to watch him. I agree with you Paul, he's not much of a "pack" driver but he certainly knows how to drive.

Webber, not so much... :LOL:


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Vettel killing the practice sessions.

If he keeps on like this he is going to wear out his engines before the season is over.