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New Formula 1 Forums

Brad P

Active member
So today I decided to take a completely different approach and noticed that there was nothing around for Formula 1. Admittedly over the past few years Formula 1 hasn’t been the same as it was back in the day when anyone could win the championship. Finally this year things have changed.

I believe the fun is coming back into Formula 1 and I have decided to create my own forum around all the old and new fans!!! Obviously I’m also looking for ideas so anyone with an opinion about something please go ahead.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I’ll post some pictures later today.


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The header on the forum homepage is different to the rest of the pages, personally think it looks better if they were all the same.

Mike Creuzer

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This has been implemented @Creaky little details like that do make a difference thank you
There is a style property in UI.X Welcome Section style property to show welcome block on all pages. We typically do not recommend since its not an ideal use of space, other than a call to action to register it shouldnt be displayed, no matter how awesome the bg image is :D