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Forms Text Control background color problem

For some reason my forum is overriding the color of the text input area (Forms -> Text Control -> Background) for posting forum messages. When I load the page, I can see that the text input area has the correct color for a second, but then it changes to the same color as the forum posts background.

Other text input areas, such as the search form, are not affected; they keep the correct background color.

I just cannot find what might be doing this, anyone got any ideas?
Yes I do, which I have edited all day, and I have no idea when that input area started behaving like this. I know it's hard for someone else to troubleshoot this. (n)


XenForo developer
Staff member
If you're talking about the WYSIWYG editor, then it should be styled with the same background as the messages themselves - to make it closer to see exactly what they'd be posted on. If you're having problems with this, there is an editor style property that you can set.