Lack of interest Formatting permissions on posts


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How you can see here with xenForo 1.2 this is going to be implemented on signatures.
I ask to implement this permissions on posts too.

This is how will be for signature: (Please add, at least, basic and extended formatting for posts.)

Only two people interested on this.
I think it's a "request fail". :(
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I probably wouldn't use it but I can see how some might want to restrict it.

If anything, it's missing the one thing I would want to restrict, which is the font styles; only allowing certain ones to be used or conversely restricting others.


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I requested it because I have users that abuse sizes and colors, and warnings didn't worked to make them stop.
I thought other admins needs it.

Liam W

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I would only use it to limit the use of images and the like for new users, which is what I used to do when I was on vBulletin.

It is a useful feature...