XF 1.5 Formatting all over the place via Opera on smartphone


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A user has submitted screenshots of a strange issue. In threads users are showing other peoples avatars. Avatars are also appearing in the post body as are country flags from an add-on we use.

Anyone seen this or have any ideas please?


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Windows 10 Phone & Opera Mini - I've asked for the specific details

Wrong avatar for this user:

Lower 3 images in the post are avatars:

Another wrong avatar & country flags showing in post:

Chris D

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There's quite a few HTML validation errors which could be related. Most browsers are much more robust in their handling so it could be related, or it could be some quirk in Opera.

It might be worth enabling the XenForo default style and seeing if the issue can be reproduced there. If this has been deleted, you can re-create it by creating a new style with no parent. Then get the user to try with that style.

After that, I'd also recommend disabling the user flags add-on (as the flag images seem to be randomly appearing) and also widget framework (temporarily) as this is where I spotted some odd markup (<td> tags being used in invalid places).