XF 2.1 Formatted Sub-forums display style: Listed below node?


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we used "formatted sub-forums display style: listed below node" in our XenForo 1.5x forum. Because we have a lot of sub forums, we need some formatting, see attachment. The formatting was done with the addon "Custom Tabs". But it seems there is no new version of this addon for XenForo 2.1x.

Any idea for formatting the display of subforums? Thank you in advance!

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You can check out this

and this

You'll likely have to tweak some values here and there. It's a bit of a nightmare if you use several styles, as the subnodes don't display consistently the same on all of them, especially going from the main forum page to subnodes and their children. Then there's a couple of grid addon's, like the one by Themehouse, but the same problems with them. As I said, you'll just have to try to adjust as best you can for each style.