XF 1.1 Forcing users to fill out a custom user field after they have already registered

Hey guys, I very rarely stumble across something that I cannot figure out by searching online, but this has been causing me some major frustration :)

I have added a new custom user field that should be required for user registration, and it works fine for those that are new users.

However, I want all users that were registered before this change to also have to fill out the custom user field.
Is there a way to force them to fill it out upon there next login?



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I've suggested this too. I feel XenForo needs to enforce data integrity. After all, a required field should be required. Hope this is added soon.
That currently isn't possible but it has been suggested.
I see, would that be an expected update at some point in the future perhaps?

For the meantime, would the only other alternative be to completely reset all users/posts and ask them to register all over again?
If so, how would that be accomplished? I've read that mass user deletion isn't currently supported. Would I have to drop some tables on the MYSQL back-end?
Cheers for the quick response.


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It's a suggestion like thousands of others so there's no telling if or when it will make it into the software.

Dropping all users is a bit drastic, unless it is a new site and you don't care about potentially losing members.
1.2 supports mass user management but again I would suggest that's a last resort.
Why not ask everyone to fill out the field and those that don't place them into moderation until they do?
I'd agree that dropping all users is a bit drastic :p
Seems like your way is the best way and is what I'll be doing tonight haha!

Thanks again!


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I think this would actually be an easy add-on. All it would need to do is iterate the custom fields looking for required ones. If one is found then the user receives a warning message and is redirected to the missing fields. Im pretty sure it would be a very easy mod. @Waindigo may be able to help.
That would be absolutely fantastic. It seems like there are quite a few of us that would appreciate that feature, so there appears to be a need.
Unfortunately I know next to nothing about producing an add-on for XF.
However, being a student on holiday gives me a lot of time so I may have to look into it if it isn't too difficult!

If @Waindigo does it, I'll be first in line to test it for him!

Jon W

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Using user group promotions, you can promote any user who has filled in certain custom fields -- then any user who hasn't been promoted can be shown a notice to tell them to fill in the field.