Not a bug  Forcing HTTPS


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I will be using SSL with my XenForo forum, mainly to protect usernames/passwords over wifi links and t'internet, but it will also handy for private messaging.
My test site works fine when referenced with HTTPS, but XenForo doesn't seem to force the URL setting in the basic board setting.
My "Board URL" is set to HTTPS://sitename/forum, but I can access it with both HTTP and HTTPS.
Shouldn't XenForo force the base board URL specified in the basic board settings ?


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Is there any point to the Board URL setting in the basic board settings ?

I just tried setting board URL to a random site name and it doesn't make any difference to the links inside the forum.


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It is needed for things like emails. People may have multiple URLs for access, so canonicalizing it is not necessarily the best idea in the application itself. (Not that having multiple URLs is good for SEO.)


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Thanks Mike.

Looks like I'll need to call on a mate who is good with htaccess, as I'm using shared hosting and don't have access to the apache config side