XF 1.5 Forcing all users in "Registered" to leave Profiles visible to Unregistered


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How can I force all user profiles to be visible to the "Unregistered" usergroup?

Some (thousands) of my users have apparently set their profiles to not be visible unless folks are logged in.

So the "Unregistered" usergroup (which includes Googlebot) basically hits a 403 Permisison error, and I now have thousands of them. They are drowning out my more important site errors.

So at the risk of being a bad Admin, I wanted to set them all to be visible. And make it so that users can not set their profiles to be hidden behind a login.

The intuitive side of me set User Group Permissions > Unregistered Group > View Member Profiles > Allow

The intuitive side of me wanted to find a setting called: User Group Permissions > Registered > Hide Profile from Unregistered > Never

But it didnt exist :)


When I view a user in the Admin I see this setting: "View this user's profile page details:"

* Members Only

And that is what they've got selected.
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I'm the opposite, I used the ACP new registration options to default profiles to members only. I value my privacy and I know my members do too. I'd hate it if an admin forced my profile to public and I'd change it back to private again and again.

You'd be better disallowing /members/ in your robots.txt file.