Lack of interest Force 'Spoiler' Feature for ALL Media in Given Thread

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I would like see an option whereby the (Original Poster) ORIGINATOR of a given THREAD could specify that ALL MEDIA URLs (so GIF images ; YOUTUBE videos) in that THREAD are FORCED to be set up in (feature) SPOILER mode manner. So a FORCED SPOILER MODE for a given THREAD that is activated 'by choice' that way by the ORIGINAL THREAD CREATOR.

The idea would be to 'cut down' on embedded images and video media data flow that some do NOT care see it anyway. Each user gets the CHOICE to 'click' on the SPOILER to see it if they want. A forced 'Custom Title' for the SPOILER would also be my preference too.
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It's definitely a powerful feature, I agree. But I think this would be better:

It would be great if the original author of a thread could specify that all links, images, videos, documents, uploaded in a message from any user participating in the thread, are automatically saved in a spoiler. That is, I create a thread about "What are your favorite jazz songs?", Everyone will comment by uploading a video from youtube (or any other similar medium), placing links or even images about the singers or bands. It would be nice if I could specify that all this type of media is automatically saved in a spoiler, not that it forces others to do so. If they are kept by themselves, it is something automatic, only if the original author of the thread specifies it.

It could also empower administrators to create a forum or sub-forum, the ability to give the availability of this feature to authors or simply not to do so, that depends on the forum, the topic, among many factors .

What do you think?


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For @Reinhard as Reply ...

My main concern was/is minimizing unwanted MEDIA (images ; videos) related data flow via the SPOILER feature. Your suggestion, as I understand it, seems more complex. And also, some websites actually do NOT want 'normal level' USERS to be able to exercise an almost 'censorship' level of control on a given THREAD.

The data flow level of 'clickable' URLs and TEXT content, seems not that much. So, NOT clear to me that those need to be 'forced' into a SPOILER mode somehow. But MEDIA data flow, can be quite a bit. I have seen THREADS where some USER posts a LOT of ani-GIFs and high pixel density HQ Images ; and also a LOT of embedded YOUTUBE videos. It can take (time duration) AWHILE for that MEDIA data flow to feed through to anyone that opens the THREAD. Hence my original suggestion.

I would describe my original suggestion as a more 'minimalist' one ; ONLY to 'force' SPOILER feature on the MEDIA content. Whereas, your suggestion seems a more COMPLEX one. I would settle for my suggestion, as perhaps one that is less complex, and thus more achievable as a goal. Also, my original suggestion grants the THREAD ORIGINATOR a minimal ability to control (censor?) content posted by other USERS.

NOT meaning to say that your more COMPLEX suggestion is a 'bad one' somehow. Only observing that from a DATA FLOW minimization viewpoint, that my suggestion of 'forced' SPOILER feature on MEDIA (only) seems the more desirable 'minimalist' choice here.

Thanks for your reply. It is clear that you see merit in my suggestion. So, I feel complimented by that. :)