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original poster

  1. AddonsLab

    Original Poster Highlight by AddonsLab 2.1.1

    The add-on adds a ribbon on original poster's avatar to highlight the user who started the thread. Disable the product for particular styles. Style property that will define the ribbon color. Style property that will define the ribbon position Top Left corner/Top Right Corner/Top/Bottom...
  2. K

    Force 'Spoiler' Feature for ALL Media in Given Thread

    Hi: I would like see an option whereby the (Original Poster) ORIGINATOR of a given THREAD could specify that ALL MEDIA URLs (so GIF images ; YOUTUBE videos) in that THREAD are FORCED to be set up in (feature) SPOILER mode manner. So a FORCED SPOILER MODE for a given THREAD that is activated 'by...
  3. Paul

    Add-on Original Poster highlight

    Hi all, Just a request for a Minor add-on. This would highlight the original poster in a thread, so for example.... This appears on every post that original poster makes in that specific thread, meaning that at-a-glance someone in that thread can tell if the response is from the Original...