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Jake Sully

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Hi, i'm still new to xenforo and i just bought it like half an hour ago and i have been looking through settings and so and idk where to make so guests can view the forum, without needing to login :/ and how do i secure staff sections and so from users that is not supposto see it? so only staff members can see it :)



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Users >> Usergroups >> Unregistered & scroll down to forum permissions.

Not sure whether this was what you are looking for. I may have misunderstood what you are wanting to accomplish.

To set permissions for specific forums goto Applications >> display Node Tree and click on the forum permissions link you wish to modify then modify each group accordingly (you may want to do that with the above as i think i misunderstood you on the gust problem you have.

Jake Bunce

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Creating a private forum

Because of the way Revoke works in xenForo you shouldn't use it to restrict a private forum. Instead you should use a special feature in xenForo called Private node. You will see the Private node checkbox when editing the permissions for a specific node. This basically inverts the permissions so that you can specify Allowed groups instead of Revoked groups. This is actually better for group management if you add more groups later.

Admin CP -> Users -> Node Permissions -> [click Permissions for a forum] -> Private node

Jake Sully

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still confused on premissions thing :/ i sett it to allowed on every section and groups but still a member of mine cannot post anywhere it says (You have insufficient privileges to post here.) every where on sections where they should be allowed to make a topic in :/

NVM: just got it working now :)