XF 1.4 Force all content back through bbcode / mediasite parser


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I've recently changed some mediasites and I've turned off the bbcode cache hoping for posts to get reparsed / recached.

I still have hundreds of posts without embeds and wondered how I could have all the content passed back through the bbcode parser??

If I go into the posts that are missing the embeds, edit and save, then the embeds show up fine but doing this manually for hundreds of pieces of content isnt feasible.

Is there anything "out of the box" that would do this?


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There is no built in function which will do it.

You would literally have to edit and save each post.


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@Mike could a future update address this as I've seen a fair few posts whilst looking for an answer to this where others would also benefit.
We can rebuild dozens of different caches in xenForo, why not post cache?

Thanks chris for your reply :)