XF 1.5 For what is a XenForo Super-Moderator?


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what is the deeper sense of a super moderator. Why would I move a moderator to a super moderator group? What rights are connected with a super moderator? Are you using super moderators?

And why and when do you put the user ID in the config file? I want to understand the deeper concept of this user group and the relevance to user management.

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"Super Administrator" isn't the same as "Super Moderator".

You can set "Super Administrator" in the config and "Super Moderator" in ACP at /admin.php?moderators/.

Super Administrator can't be deleted and his permissions or ACP User Editing by other Administrators. Administrators = Permissions in ACP/Backend. Moderator = Permissions in Theads&Posts/Frontend.

There is written an explanation: "A super moderator can moderate the entire board." or from help "When creating a moderator, they can be defined as a Super Moderator or Forum Moderator. A super moderator is able to moderate all forums, except where node permissions prevent that. A forum moderator is only able to moderate those forums for which they have been granted permission."