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[FOR PAYMENT] Server mapping

Fred Sherman

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Here's the scenario...

There are over 400 servers.
Each has a unique hostname and IP address that is tied to the server.
The individual OS may be:
  • AIX 5.3
  • AIX 6.1
  • Linux RHEL 5.5
  • Linux RHEL 6.0
  • Windows Server 2003 or 2008
For AIX, we have to track OS version, Technology Level and service pack
For RHEL, we need to track OS version and kernel version
For Windows, we need to track OS version and service pack.

Thats the service basics. These are all part of an SAP/ERP environment.

  • Each server has a location: either production site (LEB) or development site (RLM)
  • Each server has a position code. ex: R1-U1-4U- server is rack mounted, rack 1, U1 in the rack, 4U high; BC21-S4-F - this is a full height blade in slot 4 of blade chassis1, rack 2
  • Each server may have a disaster recovery requirements (YES/NO)
  • Each server is part of an SAP landscape - a three letter code. ex: PR1, BWP, QA1, SBX, etc.
  • Some DB servers have instances for multiple (but related) landscapes, ex: QA2 & QA3
  • Each server is either a database server (DB), a central instance (CI), an application server (AP), or a portal (SC).
  • Each server is either a single stack, which can be OBOP or Java or a dual stack (both).
  • Database may either be Oracle or DB2
Clustering/HA - a server may be part of a cluster. (YES/NO). If Yes, it will have a unique cluster name, as will other cluster members.

Now onto the virtual configuration.
There is a virtual subnet that is separate from the physical subnet. Physical is 1:1 with the server. Virtual is 1:many, based on the role and number of landscapes. Examples:

A PR1 app server (of which there may be many), would have a virtual hostname of : sappr101, sappr102, sappr103 (ie. SAP, PR1, App Server01 = sappr101), Every virtual hostname has its own virtual IP.

A single server may have zero or more virtual hostnames.
Member of the same cluster may have the same virtual hostname

The add-on needs to have:
  1. An input function limited to admins/moderators
  2. A ad-hoq search function, ex: show all data on virtual hostname sappr1db or all servers in the PR1 landscape, all members of cluster ClusterPR1DB or all servers running AIX 5.3. Returned data should have sortable fields.
  3. Report function. Same as adhoc, but with the ability to download text or PDF file of results.
Hit me with a private conversation request if you are interested and want to learn more.


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Good luck.
I already paid close to $1,000 to get several XF mods privately made for me.