Add-on [CLOSED] Custom Node - Frontend Form for Payment Requests


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When replying, please send me your quote... Please do not ask me to "make an offer" as I dont want to insult anyone. This is your time, your effort, so give me your quote.

Also, consider alterations that may be needed...
The result should be clean, concise and simple as my users are mainly bankers, investors and professional people who dont do well with confusing "clutter" and are more interested in getting the form filled out quickly.. have notifications quickly and clean

On the front end, I need a order form that is accessed from the Main Navigation

Before the form:
Custom TEXT and images explaining the process
  • Forum Username (Automatically populated)
  • Forum Users Email address (Automatically populated)
  • Dollar amount entered in by User (No decimal places)
  • Calculated TOKEN amount based on dollar amount and TOKEN value
  • Users TOKEN address (entered in by User)
On the backend, I need to have a list that is populated with the contents of the front end form
  • Set TOKEN value (changes on a regular basis at my discretion)
  • List of the orders including an ORDER ID
  • Orders are set by default as "Not Sent"
  • When ADMIN sends a PayPal Request email, Admin can change order to "Request Sent"
  • When PayPal Request is received by the admin, Admin can change order to "Paid"
  • When Order is fullfilled, Admin can set the order to "Completed"
  • NOTE: PayPal requests are done outside of the site, so no integration or automation is needed
  • User is notified during each process (email and on the forum)...
  • Request made for XXX TOKEN's... (on submitting the form)
  • Request has been sent and requires you to check your private email, that you used to register on the forum... (on Request sent in the ACP)
  • The request has been paid by you and we are now processing your order.... (on PAID in the ACP)
  • Your order has been sent to your TOKEN address and can be verified by visiting this link... (on COMPLETED in the ACP)
Note: No records are needed to be available to the User, as the Notifications are all thats needed... Unless of course its not a big task to do and will not cost too much more to implement

The word TOKEN is used here only as an example and is in actuality a Crypto Currency, that we developed in 2014...

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