XF 2.1 Fonts SiZes: best practices, and which goes where?


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I'm having difficulty customizing our fonts sizes to fit our needs. I'd like to understand how to know exactly which terms used by Xenforo correspond to which part of the text on the site (title, subtitle, text-editor, etc). I'd like to remove the "guess" work from this.

User Interface Font (The font list for your main text)
This is pretty straightforward: menus, submenus, tooltips, etc

Body Text Font (This font is used for the text of messages etc.)

Code Font (
The font list used for mono-spaced text input and output)
When we select Insert/Quote, all the text in the ACP templates, etc?

THIS next part here is creating confusion to me. 👇

Size (HOW does Xenforo use this, and should I really enter different values for all of them?)

Normal font size
Small font size
Smaller font size
Smallest font size
Large font size
Larger font size
Largest font size

Thanks for any help!