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It allows you to stalk people.

Also, I think you get alerts each time they create a thread / post or something.


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Ok, I was stalking person A, then added person B & C to my stalking list.

But B & C are not showing up in my newsfeed even though they have made many posts, so changes to the list only affect the future?

I am thinking this could be an excellent moderating too. I can sense when someone is about to mis-behave on our forms, if that is the way it works then I could stalk them for a few days and check their posts.


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Yeah, it's cached.
Thanks, I needed to farther back in time to see the other peoples posts.

I am following you and Kier to learn as much about what is going on as possible, so I can quietly learn, as opposed to asking questions others have already asked.

I still think this will make a fantastic moderating tool on our forum :)