Fixed  Following Spammer = Mass Alerts?

a legacy reborn

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Well on a test board today running xF 1.0 I decided to see how following alerts work and to see if a user could be spammed with alerts. What happens(if you click follow, unfollow, then repeat) the user will have their alerts box show up saying something like 10 alerts or however many times you repeated this.

Note:The good thing is when you hover over the alerts it only shows 1 actual alert.

a legacy reborn

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The alert box when it says you have "10" alerts and then it only displays one. While useful to only display one it also does display that you should have 10 or whatever number of alerts even though in reality you should only have 1. I could demonstrate it to your account if you would like?


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No need, I'm familiar with how it works.

I recall Mike posting something about this not long ago, I'll see if I can find the thread.