Lack of interest Follow message moderation rules option


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I would like to have a Follow message moderation rules: in Node Permissions. In one forum I only allow a certain group to post new topics. I would like to allow a second group to post replies but I would like to moderate the second groups replies.

Adding a Follow message moderation rules: option to node permissions would allow such a setup.


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I think that "Node permissions: Follow message moderation rules" would come in very handy for certain forums.

I know it would get used on mine.


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You can set forums to have all messages moderated.
I didn't explain fully, sorry about that. What i really would like to do is be able to hold a certain usergroup's replies in a particular forum.

Only 1 usergroup can create new topics and the other usergroup can reply but hold the replies for moderation in 1 particular forum.


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I'm fairly sure that has already been suggested.

I'll see if I can find the thread.

Edit: It was you who originally suggested it so I have merged the threads.