Lack of interest Focus on editing - Editor Toolbar fixed

I was doing some usability testing.
And I think it would be interesting, the editor stay fixed at the top, when the topic that the user is creating is very large.

Currently when we are writing a new topic and it is great. When you scroll the page, the editor will go upstairs.
Making have to scroll down the page to format an item, and roll again to return to the text.


I made a little mockup setting the editor at the top, when the topic is very large and the user needs to scroll down the page, the editor had always been on top, making it easier access any formatting tool.


For those who do not know this WordPress implementing this functionality in their editor.
So focus in the edition of the text is improved. I think for the new topic page would be perfect, so the user could focus more on the text.

A video showing how to implement in WordPress:

WordPress (Focus on editing, while editing)