Flarum: the real competitor of XenForo?

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Flarum: the real competitor of XenForo?

Pretty sure, April the 1st passed a while ago.

I've got a copy of this installed, it's so basic, it's frightening. Hate it.


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So Flarum use tags to categorize threads? It's a nice method as threads can appear under multiple tags but the software looks very basic. For someone who wanted a basic piece of software purely for discussions it would be useful.


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I like Flarum, it has a good focus on clarity and simplicity and I think the focus on new content is always the best approach for the landing page.

But it's too simple to suit my community at present. I do find for example that in long threads, pages are essential, the constantly increasing page size as you scroll down for more would drive me insane on large threads loaded with images and video (a common irritation with many sites these days). Also, it was painful going from vB3 to XF1.0 in terms of losing many features, which have finally arrived as we've evolved to XF1.5, I don't think I could downsize the feature set again.

But I can see it being ideal for many projects and communities and will certainly keep an eye on it.


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Ambitious roadmap, I like that. Let's see how it all comes together, also price and performance.

Healthy competition is a good thing.


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and could become a hard competitor
Operative word - "could"

I'd rather stick with something that works. I left a competitor to use XenForo because basic features in the competitor did not work.

An added plus - the customer service with XenForo is also heads above many other software companies.


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it looks amazing as a free OS software, really like the two pane idea. Competitor of XF, I don't think so as XF got bigger team, more experience, reliable for big boards etc.
However, I would like to try Flarum as a new forum site :).

thanks for sharing tho.


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Did you know that XenForo fans also posted about XF on vBulletin com/org forums?

I'm just sharing the news which I'm sure is of interest for all of us forum admins.


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I like how the Flarum guys are approaching the forum software. My personal opinion is that XF takes a more established or traditional approach towards the forum software; while Flarum explores newer possibilities. I like the added flexibility that Flarum offers that allows it to be used as a question/answer website and even an tool for internal communication.

The most active discussions are popped at the top - and that's something I'd really expect XF to do as well. I think they are catering to different markets; and I don't see any direct competition between XF and Flarum just yet.


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The most active discussions are popped at the top - and that's something I'd really expect XF to do as well.
That's great. I also would like to see that in Xenforo. (as other things)
I've heard about nodebb and now flarum. both looks interesting.
Have all kind of competitors around is great for final users.
The traditional style of forums have to change in the future. (soon or later)


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Can't see it being a competitor anytime soon, perhaps in the future when the stock installation has more features.


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I like the features that you can scroll the thread when replying, also that you can see entire thread list in the side when you read a thread.

Users without a avatar will get a custom avatar with first letter in name, this is clearly a better idea than the "?-avatar".

It is obvious that there are nice ideas for Xenforo here. And damn it is fast...


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Looks like a cool project, even though it's only in beta it's already got better developer documentation than XenForo has - and it's free software which is nice to see. Also good to see an application using dependency injection and relying on interfaces rather than specific implementations, makes the code much more clean and testable when it's structured like that. I'd prefer SASS over LESS for the CSS preprocessor, but to each their own.

It looks pretty promising, I'll be keeping an eye on it.