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XF 1.5 first "update"...questions from a nublet!

So its come time to finally upgrade our xen installation (1.5.11) to the most recent 1.5 version (not quite ready to go to 2.0 yet...this will be a good test).

my main question is how do I check or at least prepare for what might be different after we update? we made a TON of changes to customize the look of the site when it was installed originally last year, and to be honest...id hate to have to go back and do all that again. I know a good % of the changes were all done using the extra.css template, and im guessing those stay regardless?

is upgrading to the latest version fairly safe for appearance customizations on the site? is there a way to check prior to the upgrade exactly what might get borked and have to be re-added? or am I just overthinking this and applying the update to .16 is a no brainer?

sorry, i spent the last 20min scrolling thru the forum looking for another similar thread, but the upgrade to 2.0 seems to be the most common topic at the moment!

thanks in advance!
I would recommend make a backup before you do the upgrade just to be on the safe side as far as I'm aware all customizations should still work as upgrsding to the same base version isnt a major upgrade you might want to clone your site to a test board try the upgrade there and see if any of your changes are gone
Upgrading helps get rid of any bugs you might be experiencing on your forum.
Best to do an back up from your host so that they can help you with restoring just in case it doesn't work.