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First Unread Feature

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by KURTZ, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. KURTZ

    KURTZ Well-Known Member

    just noticed it. maybe it needs an improvement ...

    if you select the star in the forum display it carries you at the latest unread post ... and that's fine ... but if push the 'first unread' button it stands on it (especially if the latest unread post was the latest in a page) ... maybe will be better if it puts me onto the next page or the new unread post ...

    in other words the 'first unread' button needs to be 'dynamic' (if is possible) ... hope you can understand what i mean ... :)
  2. Erik

    Erik Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I don't really understand what you're saying. Could you try to explain a bit better? You should also note that the star is not really special. It's the same link as the thread title. When there are new posts in a thread, the thread title links to the last unread post. When there are no new posts, the thread title links to the first post in the thread. :)
  3. Sador

    Sador Well-Known Member

    If you click the title of a topic you'll end up at the first unread message too. Unless you have no unread posts in the topic, in that case you end up at the first post of the topic, for some weird reason.
  4. KURTZ

    KURTZ Well-Known Member

    try to click the star in the forumdisplay (after this you are over the latest unread post, right?), so if you click the 'first unread' button in the showthread ... you are still over the previously unread post (but you have already read it) ... have you understand it? :p

    maybe i can explain better in italian ... :D

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