New default node sort: By Start Date except unread (bold) threads, show first (Hybrid sort)


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It would be nice if there was a hybrid sort to choose for a node in acp. Often times (for example) the "Have you seen?" node is bold, and you click it only to see nothing is new on page 1, it might be on page 33, so you have to go back and click the latest post column, but there may be more as well!

Suggestion: A hybrid sort. Sort by date but the new/updated (bold) threads show first in the forum.

Last message
Start date
Start date hybrid (Unread always first in last message order)

This would be a nice default for some of us, users click into a bold forum title and actually see new threads (bold at top, or the "new replies" icon for articles at the top). You would read it and it would return to start date order.

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Useful for all thread types, discussion, etc. but thinking the new article type could really benefit from this (to clarify: which uses the "new replies" icon in Preview/Expanded view, so would show those first).
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