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First Ticket Purchased!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by The Forum Heroes, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. The Forum Heroes

    The Forum Heroes Well-Known Member

    Thought it was pretty cool so wanted to share my adventure for today, never been the 1st person to buy a ticket for a show before! Tickets went on sale at noon today. Got to Piere's venue box office about 11:45 expecting a long line. But not one person! People started lining up behind me shortly before they opened at noon. Was 1st person to purchase a ticket for Hatebreed. Ticket says row 1, seat 1.

  2. wickedstangs

    wickedstangs Well-Known Member

    Courtesy and rules to the world and art of mosh......Please FEEL free to add anything you think should be added to the list

    1. Someone falls, pick them up.

    2. If someone wants out, let them out. Dont keep them in to protect your own sorry ass.

    3. If you push someone from the outside fully expect to get dragged/pushed in.

    4. Don't *****, moan or whine if you get hurt. It happens get over it almost always you will have an injury from the pit

    5. Do not Grope...People are in there to mosh.

    6. Flying kicks will not be appreciated not everyone appreciates your hardcore dancing ninja style of mosh dance

    7. Chains are a very bad idea.

    8. Know what your getting into..the pit is not for sissy's, if you cant handle it stay the F out

    9. Try to avoid booze in there. almost always does it spill or you will drop it due to being swayed around

    10.If your going to smoke,(word of advice) hold it where you will not burn the person in front of you

    11.Make sure your shoe laces are tied, last thing anyone wants is to be headbut in the ass or crotch.

    12.If someone decides to tie a shoe, protect them..brace yourself around them so they dont get hurt

    13.Do not drag people in who do not want in

    14.Know your Mosh Pits..mosh accordingly to each genre of pit..

    The slam pit, the circle pit, the thrash metal pit, the death metal pit, the black metal pit,

    the punk pit, the alternative pit, the swaying pit, the power metal pit, the wall of death pit, the hardcore pit.

    15. Front of the pit- Know you will be getting slammed and squished by 100 other people, do not take it out on

    the person standing directly behind you, they also have 100 people pushing full force upon them

    16. Edge of the circle/mosh pit-Know again you will be getting slammed and rammed by the people in the pit if you choose to stand

    here brace yourself, and when someone falls on you help them up and out by giving a little push back

    17. Circle pit/Middle mosh pit- Dont enter with anger issues you may have attitude but no fighting..your all in there for the same reason

    18. Outskirts of the mosh pit-a great place to stand where you can breathe and hold your booze freely without it being spilled..but if you

    are in the way of someone trying to get out..gtfo of the way dont stand there like an ******* because we are trying to get past you

    19. Do not dry hump girls who enjoy headbanging in the front row, none the less all the girls are together, they will smash you in the head

    20. Beware of photographers, give them some space they are there trying to do a job, plus half those camera's they have would be a weeks worth of your pay
  3. The Forum Heroes

    The Forum Heroes Well-Known Member

    Meh.. It wouldn't be hardcore without #6 :p Circle pits are so west coast.. we do it the right way on the east coast ;)

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