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The registration on my board is on invite only. When I send an invite the user register, pay the forum fee, is automatically promoted to another secondary UG and can start posting. I would like that the first post is in a specific Introduction forum where the new user introduces his self to the other member. Also I would like that this user cannot post elsewhere until he has posted his introduction.

What is the simpler way to achieve that?

Thank you very much?

Chris D

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The best way to do this is to add another promotion in there...


After the forum fee is paid, they should be automatically promoted to a group which only gives them permission to view and post in the Introduction forum.

You can then create a User Group Promotion in the Admin CP, that promotes them to the UG that allows them to view all and post in all forums. The criteria for this would be: Content and Achievements > User has posted at least X messages - set to 1.

This means they have to have posted at least one message in the introduction forum before posting anywhere else.


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Thanks Kris. I've hoped not to use the promotions but I think that this one is the only way. If there was an addon that let the admin specify the number of messages as per forum basis this should do the trick also. I'll study your solution...