Firefox Quantum


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The XF2 editor often does strange things in FFQ. The cursor is often lost or appears at a random place.


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I downloaded Quantum and compared the page load time of the sites I visit most often, and Chrome was still faster. I use Opera, which is Chromium based so all the benefits of Chrome without all the Google hooks.


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I attempted to switch to Firefox earlier this year. I like FF overall, but it was too slow. This latest version I have been using since it came out and have no intentions of going back to Chrome!


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I feel like Chrome and FF are great but at this point I am still loving chrome. It still loads pages faster at this point on my machine. Im interested to see the ram usage of FF over chrome.


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Is anyone experiencing a non response to their xen2.0.5 site when using Firefox 60.0.2 64 bit browser?

It might be a cache issue or SOPHOS issue, but on several occasions, on different machines that I use Firefox on, and only when accessing my website with Firefox. Once on my site the links will stop working, even to the point I cannot access my admincp. But if I use IE it works fine.

Anyone else experiencing this?