Firefox keeps getting better, doesn't it?


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Hey guys,

I've just downloaded FireFox Beta 7 and I noticed that things are way faster on the web ;)
I also love that they removed the bottom-bar. Now it's all integrated in the header :D

Now, that's just 2 points of everything the new beta brings.
I suggest you go download it and try it out :)


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Let us know if they have improved flash/youtube type viewing and memory issues. At least that seems to be my current concern.


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I just went back to Firefox after using Chrome most of this year. Chrome seems to be sprouting issues that I can't tolerate; and the newer FF is indeed looking and feeling good.

As for Opera, sorry fans, but that browser just doesn't cut it. It's nice and all, but it's behind the times and still doesn't support everything I need it to support.


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I've used Firefox for years but recently I switched to Google.

However, there are some infuriating UI issues with Google so I'm considering going back to Firefox.
For developement, nothing beats Firebug either, it is just so easy to use.


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I tried Chrome for a couple of weeks, and just didn't like it, for no particular reason. So I'm back with FF with the latest IE for my secondary browser.


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Practically every problem any board member has, it's going to turn out they're using Chrome. I already hate it and I've never used it.

Luke F

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Horrible text rendering (now they've even managed to mess it up with hardware acceleration off), Firebug isn't stable yet and they've made more stupid UI changes.

Back to 3.6 for me :(


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On Mac, Safari FTW! ;)

But I must admit, that Firefox4 Beta7 is much faster than Firefox3.x to 4 Beta6 on a Mac.


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Yeah Safari is the best on Mac. Rendering, layout, ease of use... On Windows I prefer either Chrome (for the simple browsing) or Firefox if I want more options.