FireFox 4 Beta


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Nice... The big question is whether they have fixed FF's tendency to be a huge resource hog?
You mean the issue they've had since before they were a major browser, and were doing that whole badge campaign?

I stopped using Firefox back in High School for that reason, and it still hasn't been fixed. 


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Yup... Chrome and Safari are my workhorse browsers, I really only bring up FF if I need to use Firebug.
Chrome is my secondary browser, but due to some issues with it I don't see it being my primary -ever-.

Opera is by far my favorite because it caters to the system its installed on (Lower end systems are very stable with it, as are higher end systems), and it has every feature I need and tends to be much more stable in comparison for my usages. 


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Firefox 4 is nice, though I prefer Chrome overall. Will Chrome eventually be getting the tab group feature, though?


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I use firebug all the time. Works fine here. How many plugins do you have installed on it?
Me? Only Firebug and Yslow, I avoid adding other plugins like the plague since it uses so much resource-wise already ;). But then I normally have 10-15 tabs open in my primary browser and 5-8 in the secondary.

If I bring up FF I only generally use 1-3 tabs and I close it completely as soon as I'm done with it.


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I found the Google Toolbar to be the cause of my resource hogging and page lags. Rather than debug any specific setting within it, I just removed it.


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Firefox 4 is nice, though I prefer Chrome overall. Will Chrome eventually be getting the tab group feature, though?
i think so, let the devs expand this browser properly ... maybe it's too young right now, but i think which Chrome has the greatest potential than the others ... first of all it's the fastest ...

sometimes i got my quad core @ full load with FF opened ... but i'm not sure if this issue was caused for a plug-in or the browser itself ...

however i use Chrome as my 2nd browser too :)


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I've never had resource issues with Firefox, in all the alpha's/beta's/stable's I've ran. Not sure why so many claim to have any issue at all... I'm just not seeing it.
how many add-ons have you installed onto?
Its not always addons, a lot of the time its what they visit and how they browse.

I leave my computer up for weeks-months at a time, and even after a day/night or so with Firefox I begin to lag; with other browsers I don't lag, or don't begin to till much later. 


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I once had a major issue with CPU reaching 100% thanks to FireFox, but it turned out this was caused by a specific addon which caused it. Once uninstalled, it worked fine again.

FF4 seems nice, but I'm holding off right now, because I won't use it as my real browser until the addons I need are available for FF4.