Firebug stopped working


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Not sure which the correct forum is for this but hoping someone can help.

I'm on macOS Sierra with Firefox 51.0.1

I have firebug installed (and have done for years). When I go to use it now though, it just opens up the Firefox dev tool (which is no where near as good).

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 17.54.25.png

Both Inspect Element and Inspect Element with Firebug give the same interface now. The Firebug one used to be far moreuseful.


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To be honest the new one isn't that much different and for the most part the only things I miss about firefox/firebug were some of the quirks it had which exposed certain things not exposed in the other dev tools.

Unless I actually need those quirks to debug something (which is getting rarer and rarer) the built in dev tools work just fine, just a matter of getting used to the visual and layout changes of the app IMO.


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Firebug is no longer needed. Browser developer tools have surpassed it. It might take time to get used to different interface.