Lack of interest Finding threads that I'm watching started by a given user.

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I'm a member at where XenForo is being used. I've also asked this question there:

When considering responding to a member's question I often like to look back to see if I've participated in any other thread that that same member has started, and if I have, then I open that thread to see what kind of acknowledgent that member may/may not have given.

I've discovered here that I can go to the member's profile page, choose the Postings tab, at the bottom of which I can click on Find all threads by nnnnn.
I was hoping there'd be the spectacles icon 1533558753964.webp against each thread I'd participated in (actually thread I'm watching) like there is on any of Chandoo's forum start pages, but there isn't!

1. Is there a shorter way to get to a member's started threads list?
2. Is there any way I can quickly determine which threads I'm watching in that list?

This functionality exists on vBulletin-based forums via 3 clicks of the mouse and no keyboard involvement:
Click on their handle, Click on View Profile, Click on Find latest started threads, and I can see those I'm watching (and, on the left, those I've posted in too):
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