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Finding permission sets by group

I'm cleaning up some groups and am interested in confirming my current groups' permissions to various forums, visibility, etc. I'm trying to construct a database query in - which I think is the fastest and most direct way of getting the information I need - but the permission tables are a bit... "esoteric" to reverse-engineer because of the cache and combination tables. Does anyone know how I can find out what permissions roll up to each group (or user, I guess)? I want to be able to understand what permissions I've given to what groups at the forum level - visibility, read/write, etc. so I can make sure it's what I expect it to be... Thanks!
Yep, I know that one - use it a lot. However, I want to be able to see that for all groups across the board if I need to, or for those users with multiple groups, understand where some of the permissions are coming from. I have test users for each of the groups and that helps, but this is more of a centralized management need IMO.