Automatically send scheduled emails by group & user.


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I'm new to admin, I don't know the functionality of XF or is there any add-on that has the function to do the following?

- Automatically send happy birthday emails, happy new year, ... to members.

I want to be able to edit, personalize each email by user group or specific user.
Are you referring to alerts.. or notices?
You can easily do so by setting up notices for users birthdays.. but specific dates is not supported.. And I'm not aware of any add-ons that allow you to setup notices based upon date criteria.
What you are wanting will require a bespoke add-on most likely.
Feel free to post your interest in a developer pursuing that requirement here.
Are you referring to alerts.. or notices?
--> Automatically send scheduled emails

When it's New Year's day, I want the system to automatically send a congratulatory email or on user's birthday, send a happy birthday email.

The content I send I want to customize for each specific group and user.
Once again.. you can send notices based upon birthday.. but to send emails based upon that criteria and the others you indicated.. you are going to require a bespoke add-on... and from my quick search in the 2.x add-ons, I did not find anything that meets your criteria.
Once more... feel free to post your needs here. There may be a developer that will meet those needs for free.. or may offer to create you a bespoke add-on for a fee.
Realize.. @XenForo tends to push stuff like this off onto third parties as they have no real desire to provide "fancy" stuff in the base script.
There is an addon that will auto send birthday emails:

However I'm not sure you can edit each email, but can at least have their username.
Ultimately.. other than trying to "back door" it or manually have to run it... it's going to take a bespoke add-on to meet the requirements of the OP.
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