Finding a physicist...

Fred Sherman

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Four great physicsts were playing hide and go seek: Newton, Pascal, Heisenberg and Einstein.

It was Einsteins turn to seek, so Einstein closed his eyes and counted to 10 while Pascal and Newton went to hide. Pascal hid behind a tree, but Newton just stood there and drew a 1 meter by 1 meter box around him on the ground. Schrödinger's cat, was scampering about and jumped into a nearby box.

When Einstein was done counting, he opened his eyes and said, "Newton, what are you doing? You're supposed to hide! You're out!"

Newton replied, "No, you're wrong, I'm not Newton, I'm Pascal! See, I'm one Newton per square meter! Pascal is out!"

Schrödinger's cat was found. And it wasn't.

And nobody was ever certain where Heisenberg was hiding.