FF 14 character design vs. WoW

Rigel Kentaurus

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Well, wow is 6 year old game after all .. the only new character is the Death Knight and it has drastic differences from the others.

I was playing with the character creation. The graphics look so astonishingly real that it is no longer funny. One of this days I am going to start confusion the real word and the fantasy ones.


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WOW is coming out with another expansion that has redone the 6+ year graphics in Azeeroth (lvl 1-60 questing area).

WOW wasnt made to look real. It has a cartoonish style but its one of the best games I've ever played.

Try their FREE 10 day trial. Its worth it!


The new WoW expansion introduces 2 new races, Worgens for Alliance, and Goblins for Horde.
They're astonishingly incredibly cool!
Each of them gives you a new experience in game and play style, with Azeroth approximately remade and alot of classes mechanics changed and tweaked, WoW will be a different game!