Few Questions

I'm trying to convince a website owner to switch to XenForo, but he had a few concerns since we do most of the work on the current site.

1) I read somewhere that the person that owns the license can select 4 people as site admins or something and they can download add-ons and styles themselves. Is this correct? Because I could not find the original place where I found it.

2) He wants it so that we can test the site on a localhost and show it to him before he updates the site, so we will be able to download the files from the customer area, or will he be the only one that has access to it. Kinda building on question 1.

That's all I have for now. I'll probably have more questions later though.


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1. Yes, you can associate up to 5 usernames with your account. This gives access to the forum only and not the customer area.
2. Only one person has access to your actual customer account, unless you hand out the username and password.

Tracy Perry

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And that means that we can download addons and themes by ourself without consent of the license holder?
But, be aware - whomever the primary account registered is is the ONLY one that can currently download updates/software versions of the forum software itself - unless the account username/password is shared. This is just a little more in depth on @King Kovifor comment #2