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It's been a while since I've used my Xen license. It seems like many things have changed.

I'm wondering with some of the new features, like articles threads, is it possible to fully customize the layout of specific nodes now? Meaning, I can edit the html for a thread layout and customize it if I'd like.

Example Below:

Here is a forum I've customized into a "marketplace" with the forum post in the middle and a custom filter on the sidebar to the left.

Thanks Brogan, you're a one man powerhouse here haha I see your name all over the place.

I wanted to ask a follow up question. Does Xen 2 have something similar to IPS database where users can make their own custom database entries to display on a page node?

Thanks again for your help.
It can be styled to suit.
Do I need to create whole styles to do this or can I target a specific node with a template? I know with CSS we can target specific nodes but is it possible to create my own custom template and target it to a specific node? Sorry to bother you with these questions.
It depends what you're trying to do.

Specific nodes can be targeted by wrapping the LESS/CSS in:
    custom code
Where node-ID is the node numerical ID.

Specific templates can be targeted using:
    custom code
Replacing name with the template name.
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