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Hi, I just installed the software today and noticed one error is with the rss importing. When I imported my posts from my Facebook Wall, it imported the newest posts first. This resulted in the newest posts being the oldest posts on my forums. Now when I installed XenPorta everything in my news feed is backwards. Also, it did not get a complete import but only a few posts at a time each time I "Import Now" and doesn't do it automatically every 30 minutes as I set. Do I need to make a crontab entry on my server?



XenForo developer
Staff member
This is generally as expected when doing the initial import. Also, it will only import a limited number in each run.


New member
This is generally as expected when doing the initial import. Also, it will only import a limited number in each run.
IMO it should import everything from oldest to newest. At least that's how every rss aggregator has done it on Wordpress. Any way we could add that as an option?

Thanks for the reply.


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Not sure why this was moved to the troubleshooting section when it's clearly a bug and incorrect to import an rss feed from newest to oldest.


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no problem... I guess this gives me an idea of how support is for the product...
Just because Feeder isn't designed as YOU want it, doesn't mean the support for XF is crappy. No software can be what every user wants it to be.

Go and make a suggestion in the appropriate forum and maybe it'll get looked at.


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I did have a look at this and tweaked the processing order for 1.3 (it's in beta 3).
Thanks Mike, this really means a lot to me (and guess I'm in the minority) because I have hundreds of Wordpress posts that I want to import into my new forums. To have them imported backwards (from new to old) destroys everything.
Oh, one more thing, if there is any possible way to also import the date from the post instead of using the current date (as an option maybe?)
Sorry, I'm just so accustomed to the way the Wordpress addons do it. I've been using FeedWordPress for a long time. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Wordpress or the addon?

Thank you.


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maybe a future feeder will have an option to download attachments and full posts from wordpress.

is there a way to export the post content and title from phpmyadmin, then turn it into an rss feed that works with feeder that simply imports everything "as is" - even if i might have to leave the wp-content/uploads folder in place when i ditch wp. it could be a hacked together solution, but clearly not the best option for the long run.

Roldan - do you have a wordpress to xf importer? i would love to have one! im trying to ditch wordpress and have xf as my front page and everything.


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i actually just spent the last few hours doing it. definitely appreciate it though!!

i put each wordpress category rss feed into feedburner, which displayed all the pics for me. then i imported each of those through feeder.

i didn't have too many video posts, so the ones i did have - i just ran through and copy/pasted the youtube url from the old post, to the new post!

then i realized that half my old posts either had missing images or videos i didn't like, so i just said heck with it!

the move is made and fresh content is waiting!

wordpress is OUT. XF is all the way IN!