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My post was redirected, and merged to this post, and then closed. It was closed while I was attempting to comment on it. I thought that was very rude and uncalled for, but it seems to be the norm around here. Anyway, I have but one comment, and nothing more to say on your forums. What I have to say is in good taste, and is respectful to the reader, so I see no need to close it also.

- My Response

You know, it's a pity when you see a user ask a simple and friendly question, only be chastised by all the forum trolls. He was only asking if you were going to have another discount on the forum software in the future, but all he received was a bunch of negative comments from the forum trolls, and even from a key XenForo Staff member.

I personally had no idea that XenForo even existed until I saw the Lawsuit posted at, so you can tell the guy who talked about being around since the alpha. What alpha? This is all new to me.

If this is how this community treats visitors who only ask a question, I don't believe this is a community I want to belong to, or even visit for that matter. I was initially excited when I saw that Kier and company were putting together some outstandingly new and innovative forum software, but after seeing the responses from some of these forum trolls ...well, it sickened me.
All you had to do was simply say to him...

"We are sorry you missed the sale, but the sale was only available for a short promotional time to thank all those who have been our biggest fans, and those who have been closely following us for the past few months. It's still a great product at the current rate of $140, and we certainly would like for you to become a part of our growing community."

That's all you had to say, and the user who asked the question would have been satisfied, and might have even purchased your product. He didn't need all the mean-spirited garbage you just fed him.

Ok, forum trolls have the floor now ...Go ahead and make some negative comments toward me if it makes you feel good inside, because I personally don't really care.


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Can you specifically point out the trolling please?

I have just read through the thread you linked to and I am unable to identify anything like that and instead I see mostly constructive comments advising why the sale took place and why there was unlikely to be another one in the near future.


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In no way shape or form that if anyone asks a question or needing support (no matter how much the questions repeated) should they be met with anything less than a valid response that will either help them, which in turn helps others with similar questions issues.

I didn't see that specific post your referring to but chances are that such posts that are unhelpful are reported and delt with appropriately by the staff.

No negative remarks here, I agree that responses should be helpful and to the point. Anything less than a civilised response should be reported. :)