Feedback - Multi vB License Owner


Good Day,

I have been lurking for several days now and have also purchased one license to try out. I own several vB licenses and have been dissatisfied with the product since being forced to repurchase all the licenses to upgrade to the much touted 4.0. 4.0 has not met expectations.

I am not, however, dissing vB as they do offer many mods and customizations that I have found vital for running my forum based RPGs. The primary one is being able to have multiple accounts and switch easily between them for those of us writing several character roles.

Recently, I have discovered a dedicated RPG management and writing system that also allows for multiple characters on one account, etc. As I cut over to using that for the actual gaming portion, I am downgrading the forums to be strictly chat and planning, hence trying a Xenforo license to see how well it works for our needs. There are two or three features/mods we desperately need so I hope they come about in the future. I am also waiting on a skin to be modified to work with Xenforo, once that's done, I'm cutting my already converted game over to XF.

Now...with the background out of the way...

I am very impressed. The Admin CP is easy to use although I need to familiarize myself with the differences in terms between vB and XF. All I can say is, if you keep up this level of quality and customer service is also will eventually sell me at least two more licenses.




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I have 3 'so called lifetime vb licenses', but did not fall for the hype dreamed up by Brisco and team to repurchase my licenses over and over for eternity, but the options I have since I want no involvement with IB directly or indirectly are to keep my vB 3 scripts running until they turn to dust, close all forums and end the daily misery of watching Xrumer scum attack non-stop, move to another platform and keep the forums running.

But I will never pay Internet Brands another dime to remain on vBulletin.

Welcome to the forum, it seems we all have similar stories.


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Most of you do. I cut vB out of my life 1 1/2 years ago, and have never looked back.

@ Stormwolfe, welcome to XenForo.
You will not be sorry you made the switch.


Thanks everyone!

I'll know more once the skin dude finishes converting my skin over and I can put the XF license to work. It looks like it'll be ideal for the social game interaction needed. thing I do desperately need....

Do you guys know of a "Forms" mod or easy to use "Forms" website that lets you customize a form for use on your forums. vB has an amazing mod, but I know I can't adapt it to XF. I'm a coding village idiot.


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CoffeeCup make an easy to use Forms Generator , that can be very nifty & simple to use...

The code generated when finished simply is pasted into a blank page of your making , maybe not the best option but simple to use..