Fears Growing Up


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What are some fears you had growing up (and maybe still have)?

I used to have a terrible fear of bees, and while I can't remember exactly when, I think it kind of just disappeared sometime between my early to middle teenage years. I even had a teacher in middle school make fun of me once because I was scared of bees, and just like that, I was out of his class. (I don't remember what the class was.)

It was a class on the upper floor, and the windows were open. I was sitting at the front when a bee flew in and kind of just hung around me. Terrified, I just got up and moved toward the back. My teacher told me to move back to the front, and I refused. I think he asked me about two more times, but I just refused. He then came up to my desk, put his face in my face, and said, "Well, I'm scared of having your face in my face." At that point I was upset and walked out and sat against the wall outside the classroom. He then tossed my things out on the floor. I think after that I just went down to the office, but I don't remember.
Yeah, I've never really liked spiders, either, and I still don't really like bees, I just don't freak out anymore. I once called my mom at work and had her come home just to get rid of a bee. There was also another time way before that during the fifth grade that we were on a field trip where parents came and I almost fell off a cliff because I freaked out when a bee got near me. Shortly after that on that same trip, we came to a rock that had a piece of candy on it with bees swarming all around it, and I don't know what took over me, but I went and sat with the bees. I didn't get stung or anything, though.
I saw either a piece of a meteor or other random space debris the other night screaming down with a crazy aura of colors about it.

I never had a problem such as a chicken little complex but I certainly may develop a fear in the near future of having a chunk of a satellite, a booster stage, a payload assist module or even just a rock or chunk of ice come smashing down on my head.

I can imagine a Rube Goldberg reaction where the ISS fires a thruster to evade space debris changing it's trajectory and sending it on an eventual path to the top of my head some years later.

Not really but the thought went through my mind momentarily that night so I thought it worth filing here, jussayin.

I dont't like crocodiles, sharks, spiders, scorpions, snakes and all other animals that can kill you.
Heights!! I am still fearful of heights, I'm not sure how I developed this fear.

Snakes... I still to this day hate snakes (Too many snake movies and documentaries)

And Social Anxiety, I still have this to a certain degree. But I'm starting coup around it :)
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