Not a bug favicon

hi i have a issues with using a favicon am useing cloudflare. although I do not think it's a problem that goes beyond the cloudflare they said the opposite

this is report test:
We've found a favicon in your page's HTML code, but it's not accessible.

the support reply me this message:
^^The issue with the favicon is not to do with Cloudflare.
You'll need to contact your developers or theme providers.^^

some possible solutions?


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What are the permissions of the favicon image (right click, properties, world readable?)

Did you replace the default one, or one under your own style
\styles\default\xenforo\favicon.ico or some where else?


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The default style does not reference a favicon, which means it will be pulled from the root of your domain (favicon.ico). You'd either need to create this file or modify the style HTML to point to a desired file. If your style is pointing at a favicon explicitly already, you may be best asking the style author for guidance on where to change that.