XF 1.5 Fatal Error After Upgrade - HELP


Upgraded from 1.4 to newest version 1.5.x

I go to the install directory with the browser and it asks for "Upgrade System Login" I assume they mean my admin login credentials for the forum?????? So I put them in and get:
Fatal error: Class 'XenForo_Helper_Hash' not found in /home/palmtest/public_html/forum/library/XenForo/Install/Controller/Upgrade.php on line 76

Can anyone help me - PLEASE?????
Thanks Mike - I have received Paul's reply, and am so grateful you guys are around and supply such good support.

But I am about a "1" on a "1-1o" webmaster scale. I did receive a "copy error" during the ftp upload and didn't know what to do except to ignore it. I didn't write it down - but it referenced a "copy error on port 200" (or something like that), and I didn't have any idea what you are supposed to do when you have such and error in the middle of an upload.

What do I do if I receive such an error again???
I have responded again but essentially, if you receive a copy error for an individual file, you would generally need to resubmit that file.
Sorry Paul - I'll continue this through the support ticket so as not to make anymore work for you.

I guess I didn't notice a resubmit option. And as the error mentioned a port, I didn't think it was something I could change "mid-stream" anyway.

I will report back here with a conclusion/solution (I hope) for the user's future reference.
Since I am unfamiliar with unpacking and installing files directly on the server, I have tried uploading again with a fresh download of the upgrade package. And I have received this error 6 times during the first half of the upload. I hope this means something to somebody.
All it says is :

Copy Error
Server response: '200 PORT command successful'

And the only options I have are "Stop" and "Skip" and "Apply to all"

Do you use an ftp program like filezilla or winscp to upload your files?

The error is strange because it's not an error, it's a message that your connection is okay...
Yes, I'm on a Mac, and using a client called Forklift which I have used for almost ten years without issue.

But it appears as if this error has something to do with communication between the server and the client and something called PASSIVE mode and/or a firewall, which I don't have. I'm using the same router, and same settings, as I always have. I believe it is a different cable modem than when I originally installed Xen, but not sure.

It is a different OS and different version of Forklift though.
Fingers crossed. FTP client was set to Active mode during last upgrade. I have switched it to Passive mode and the host is going to double check the port range. I will try again here soon.
That was it. I set the FTP client to Passive mode - and no more 200 PORT Command Successful messages. And everything went down smoothly after that.

Thanks to everyone who offered their advice.

And Happy New Year to Everyone
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