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Add-on FarmVille Alerts.


Active member
Hi there. I'm completely serious about this. I love the ajax alerts and I love good time planning. So, now my plan is to have random FarmVille alerts pop up. They can be like:
  • Your strawberries have wilted.
  • Your farm misses you.
  • You have a new neighbor in FarmVille.
  • [name] needs a Water Bucket.
  • A blue cow has wandered onto your farm.
Why do I want these? April Fools joke of course! The alerts system is awesome, so can we have a little fun with them? And, I'd like them to link to a thread or some predefined link so we can put an april fools message up. Or in our case, a picard facepalm.

Edit: Now I think of it, if the alerts can be customized, this would be a great reaccuring april fools thing.