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Just got my new forum up and running and yes it's not really finished yet but i would like opinions about it.

I am still looking for forum unread and read icons but i can't find any that i like.

If you like to read fantasy books you are most welcome you join up.


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i read vasts amounts of fantasy, however its christian fantasy (Light of Eidon, Malakilin, etc) So not sure if its the type you want discussed there:p

if so would be happy to contribute some book reviews:)


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I have heard of Light of Eidon looking back i was going to get that a few years ago, but not sure about Malakilin not heard of that one


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URL takes you to the homepage which is not visible to guests. You then have to click the forum link to see the actual forums. Other than the cat links and header, it's default xf style, which makes the cat strips just look odd. I'd wait until you have some more of your style completed and then get some feedback :)


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I have done most of the forum but the tabs when mouse over can't find to change another color
and some profile details
and some on the profile page

can anyone tell me where to alter the colors

can anyone please help on this?

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Alter colors in AdminCP -> Appearance -> Color Palette
*each style has its' won color palette you should see a drop down selection on the color palette page*

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The breadcrumb is really hard to read. Honestly, the default style is good for the default style. You should find a after market light style that already has a lot of features and customize from there. Looking better than the first time I looked at it.


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Think I'm getting old but the

  1. Hello visitor!
    We are a new online Community for The fantasy book lovers everywhere and we are happy that you have stopped by and hope you will consider registering with our community. Whether you have a question related to Fantasy Readers or just want to meet other fellow Readers, you are always welcome! Hope to see you on the forums soon!
Was so hard to read and hurt my eye's even trying. I would change this colour if I was you. :)


Also the breadcrumb is unreadable


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I thought that color was ok but what color is the best to change it too

Can you please tell me where the change the alerts font color

Thanks for the feedback
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Just installed a new theme, on fantasy readers forum i think it looks better then the other one i had.

Theme is by Arty, soft_responsive_gray

Can i have your opinions please.