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I am working on my fail2ban implementation for Centmin Mod LEMP users and it just came to me that Xenforo 1.5 and/or XF 2 could have native and optional support for fail2ban for failed logins similar to this wordpress fail2ban plugin

So Xenforo 2 failed logins can be written to a custom user defined log path. Then just have a fail2ban filter and jail to pick up those logged entries for banning at system firewall level or even Cloudflare firewall level via Cloudflare API based fail2ban action

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Fail2Ban is intrusion detection software frequently used on servers:
Fail2ban can be integrated with php software.

For example there are plugins for WordPress:

Fail2Ban can be used in xenforo to more effectively:
  • ban spammers from the server (spamcleaner integration)
  • block banned members on server level
  • block admincp intrusion attempts.
  • block brute force on login
  • block scrapers and frequent pings

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Just for the record, you won’t be seeing anything new aside from bug fixes in 1.5 at this point (EU generated mass hysteria aside).


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Yes you can configure fail2ban to talk with Cloudflare Firewall via CF API but you'd need to configure it on fail2ban side. I did this for my fail2ban + CSF Firewall + Optional Cloudflare firewall implementation for Centmin Mod Nginx i.e.