facebook's new look and the future of forums.


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Well since the light comes on when my phone's camera works.. and it makes a noise when a photo is taken, I'm pretty confident it's not being a voyeur.
As long as there is power in your phone, a lot of things can happen.

I haven't heard of the phone's camera or audio being used, but for tracking and monitoring it has been done.

Laptops have software that can remotely take photos, not sure if the LED light comes on or not.

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Permission to access is your camera is a far cry from surreptitiously activating your camera without you knowing it. Even spy camera apps are terrible at doing that, and they're designed to do this. Facebook's app is not even remotely capable of that.


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I think the other reason why Facebook and Twitter are so widespread and therefore so powerful is because you can Sign-up at any website via FB-Login or Twitter-Login.

Just imagine how powerful all those many globally spread XF-Forums would be if there would be something like a "XF-Login" which would also allow you to Sign-up at any website:

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Now THAT is waaaaay cool. Even just allowing another XF forum to recognise my usual username would be very welcoming. No idea how it could be done without server load here - cookie? FF and chrome app?

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Since Facebook is a centralized location, and XF is distributed commercial software, I don't see how that would be viable.

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I've been thinking about this still, and although forums are still alive its almost strange that people consider Facebook as a good source of information. I just don't get it, posting among your closed circle of friends that were selected purely by how consistently they commiserate with you and alienate any possible contribution that might come from complete strangers who perchance have more meaningful experience than any of your select group of "friends".

Good luck with that...


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Keep your friends close and Facebook closer. When used correctly Facebook can be your biggest referral.

Makes more sense to me than Twitter does. #Still #dont #getit #what @people #see in that!!11!!eleven #omg